Upgrading advice greatly appreciated


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Aug 10, 2019
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Good day.

Firstly with thanks to gregory, silly and Zoot Horn for their thoughts getting my set up back together.

I am thinking of upgrading my equipment but really don't know which direction I would be best to go.

Systemdek IIx/900, Moth arm, AT110E cart / Rotel 930AX / Mission 760i / Pioneer CD PDS 703

Would appreciate any thoughts on paths to pursue etc.

with thanks in advance


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Sep 9, 2007
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you have a nice deck there and for not much money can be upgraded by a long margin.first off how about a new cartridge the goldring 1042 will go nice with your arm,maybe a new counterweight from michell.make sure the deck and its suspension is nice and level and a new belt might not go amiss.now the amp i have always liked rotel amps so not knowing all your budget the upgrades to the turntable may not necessitate an upgrade but the amp i like at the moment is the rega brio no frills clean sound and as the name suggests plenty of it.speakers are such a personal thing but the missions on good stands like the partington dreadnought will bring a tighter more defined sound.i prefer vinyl to cd but the rega apollo is very nice and i have heard good reports about the new pioneer range.the creek evo range is worth a look as well and if funds allow epos speakers work very well with creek electronics.i hope this has given you a few pointers as to the upgrade path,keep it simple and try one step at a time as i'm sure you will.the best of luck,gregory.


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