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May 27, 2012

Im thinking of making a upgrade to my stereo, no particular reason, im very happy with the sound. I just feel the need too!! If any one has any ideas please advise, my system is as follows; Technics amp SUA808, Technics cd player SLPS7, B&W 602S2 speakers, QED silver anniversary bi wire speaker cable and Atlas Equator inter connect leads, Atacama rack. I use my mp3's on my laptop through this also. I use the head phone out of my laptop to a pair of rca's to aux input on my amp, my be a standalone dac maybe? I looked and listened to the Rokstan Kandy K2 i think it was back in 2006 with my cable and speakers and it didnt sound any different to my set up, so i kept what i had. Evan the man in Sevenoakes was supprised,so i went home with nothing, now i want to do something agian, any ideas??


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