Upgrade to 1080p/24fps?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello there and i'm sorry if this question has been ask many times before but...... i've got my eyes on the panasonic th42pz70, which will be replacing my current, th37px60. The thing is i want to get the best out of my hd dvd and blu ray players if possible, having invested in both formats at some expense i'd like to see what they can do, but i want to know is, will this plasma do what i want? will the picture be that much better than my current plasma? and will i be left feeling sick if the new range of plasmas have the 1.3 hdmi socket on them, not for the sonic benifits but the deep colour function which i presume only the 'WHF' people have seen maybe.


Hello Jerry. I don't presume to be able to give you the definitive, ultimate answer. However I will put a few things to you. To start with... HDMI 1.3... Any tv that has the deep colour system will need to have HDMI 1.3 for it to work, but that doesn't mean all tvs with HDMI 1.3 are compatible with the deep colour thing. Also, it is very possible that, for example a plasma tv without deep colour will display better colours than an LCD which does have Deep Colour. Many tvs might be able to receive and decode the deep colour system, but then not be able to actually display the full benefits due to restrictions with the actual screen. Also, if you have to be completely futureproofed, you will never be able to buy any tv. Having said that, as you already have a quite recent, and quite good tv already, it may be worth just waiting a little longer to buy a new tv. And, if when the new ranges come out you prefer the old range, you will probably be able to get one of the old range for a discount.

Technically the 42PZ70 doesn't do 'native' 24fps. What it will do is accept a 24fps feed, and then display it without a trace of judder. Other tvs, like for example the Pioneer Kuros have a 72Hz mode, the whole point of which is to be able to show 24fps content without judder. But if the Panasonic can do it by 3:2 conversion and still manage to not introduce any judder, then that's good enough for me. Just so you know, this is how the 42PZ70 does handle 24fps material; it converts 24Hz into 60Hz by repeating frames, some more than others ie all the odd frames (frame 1, frame 3, frame 5, etc) are shown 3 times, while all the even frames are shown twice. On lesser processing systems (in some other tv, or in an HD player), doing such a conversion can cause the dreaded judder effect where whenever there is movement the image literally judders, sometimes making you feel quite queasy. However the Panasonic range of tvs seem to be able to do this troublesome process, but without incurring any of the problems that are usually associated with this.

I hope I have been of some use to you.


Very helpful indeed, i didn't realise that it didn't show 24fps nativley. Ultimatley the price issue will rule when it comes to buying, i'll probley wait and see what the new range of plasmas have to offer but if they're all at premium prices i may have to weigh up my options when the time comes. The question still remains though... how much better does full hd look when compared to a hd ready screen like mine?, i know that all t.v.s are different so lets stick to the panasonics for the sake of my question.


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