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Feb 23, 2021
Hi everyone,

My typical music chain is Tidal via HEOS on Marantz NR1200 driving KEF Q350 and Kube 10b connected wirelessly over KW1.
My typical movie chain is Synology DS120j -> ODROID-N2+ -> Marantz NR1200 -> LG OLED55C8PLA for video.

When I auditioned systems, I tried Denon vs Marantz and went with Marantz due to being much more musical. Denon felt very sharp. On the other hand, choice of speakers was narrowed down to Monitor Audio Bronze 2 and KEF Q350. Liked the warmth and space of Bronze 2 but didn't like inability to separate instruments when there's more than three of them playing at the same time. Went with KEF as the safe choice as it didn't have a weak spot that I would notice but it didn't excel in anything either. It as like a straight-A student who's good at everything but not really great at anything if that helps transfer the feeling.

Now, I'm having itches in several directions:
  • Find a way to play MQA from Tidal. Upgrades that are crossing my mind here are replacing Marantz NR1200 for Bluesound PowerNode 2i (with HDMI).
  • Replace AVRy NR1200 with "purer" PM7000N.
  • Upgrade speakers to KEF R3 or Revel Concerta2 M16.
How would you comment these options? Do you have additional suggestions to explore?

Note: Limited to bookshelfs (room) and one visible AVR/amp (wife).

Thanks for suggestions in advance.


Feb 23, 2021
Did you see the review of the dali oberon 1c published here today

Haven't before you mentioned but did now. If I understand correctly, I'd have to go with Sound Hub (not compact), get BluOS expansion so that would be replacement of both NR1200 and KEF Q350 with Kube 10b and KW1 staying in place?

I have a bit of hesitation (it could easily be due to lack of knowledge) regarding speaker manufactures making amplifiers and regarding home active speakers in general.

Also, Sound Hub Compact specs say:
Max. Digital Resolution [bits/KHz] 24 / 192
Wireless Output Full 24 Bit / 96 kHz (No bit-loss attenuated)

Am I comparing apples and pears here? Does this mismatch matter? Does it mean anything?

I haven't heard any Dali's in person so I'm adding that to my TODO list. Thanks!
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Jul 18, 2016
I'm not sure about the 24/96 or 24/192, I'd imagine there's some up sample or down sample in the chain somewhere, but all these values are beyond what we hear anyway.

You need the full module rather than the compact, probably need to read into bluOs to make sure it does all you need.
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