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Dec 4, 2022
Hi, I'm newbie to the forum and unable to start a new thread in the Hi-Fi section.

Whenever I try I get message saying that my content is spam-like or has inappropriate elements. How do I know what's spam-like or inappropriate? There's no links or URL's in the post nor swearing or advertising.
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You could possibly spend your budget on fixing faults and be no further forwards. A few thoughts:-
1. Get a MusoQB or a used full sized one as you have, and enjoy more of what you like.
2. Take your speakers to a dealer to check them on a working amp.
3. Sell all the old stuff, then…
4. Unless you intend to play CDs, sticking to streaming keeps things simpler. A used Naim Unitiqute can be had for £500 or less!
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