Ultra HD Blu-ray: everything you need to know


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Mar 30, 2020
The most important for any customer is to wait two or three years before stepping in the ultra hd (the more marketing word is 4K).
March 2020 there are no more than 80 movies available in REAL ultra HD, the 400 others are done from 2K movie and artificially upgraded (in Europe).
Have you noticed how much you are fooled with the 4K or ultra HD ? So many devices you have to change to get the saint graal ? You should change your videoprojector (5000€ for a real 4K), yous player, your HC amplifier (probably), your cables (probably), your TV. Have you noticied all those graphic chips in many electronical devices to boost your hardware and get this so lovely 4K/ultra HD label or something close.
All of this to watch 80 movies (in Europe) that are the most expensive of the market. (between 20 and 35€).
What a jok
However, as it is said, focus on players rather than streamings. No streaming could beat a player.

There are many benefits to avoid the ultra hd.
You will save a lot of money. Because it will stay on your account. And you will get Oled, Ultra HD player and others in two years for a bargain. And today a very good Full HD still beats an untrue 4K videoprojector, most of the time.



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