Two room solutions??


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have an old Hi Fi system and want to change it so that I can get rid of all the connecting wires and get a system that I can connect up to speakers in two separate rooms.

I have been looking at some all in one HiFi systems which look like the right kind of thing (get rid of all the wires connecting the tuner, cd payer and amp) but I don't know if I can connect any of them up to more than one set of speakers.

Any ideas??


I wonder if you've considered a wireless music distribution system? The simplest to get to grips with are from Sonos and Philips. The £300 Philips WACS3500 system includes both an 80GB hard-disk for music storage and a wireless (Wi-fi) distribution system to wirelessly beam music from one room to another. In the second room, you'll require a £99 WAK3300 to receive the music sent from the main music 'hub'. The downside to this impressive flexibility? It sounds more ho-hum than oh-wow.

Alternatively, the premium performance option is from Sonos (check out A basic two-room package will cost you around £800, although it does also rely on some form of digital music storage device, such as a PC, a Mac or a Network Attached Storage Device (NAS). Unlike the Philips system, you can use it with a variety of speakers, and the obvious advantage is that the size of your music library isn't constrained in any way. Opt for a massive external hard disk - 500GB shouldn't cost you more than £150 these days -ÿor even better, a one-terabyte NAS box like the Buffalo TeraStation, and you won't need to worry about compressing your music using MP3 or other compression systems, either, which will mean better sound quality. The system also allows for access to internet radio stations (a healthy selection comes preloaded) plus an optional monthly subscription to Napster, giving you access to millions -ÿyes, millions -ÿof songs for a modest monthly fee. Very clever. Oh, and it's expandable - should you have the need, it'll support up to 32 separate rooms.