TV/ Virgin +/ Blu Ray Home Cinema - Setup Question


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi there,

Just wondering if anybody can help me out. Just moved into a flat which has a Panasonic TH37PW7 TV on the wall with only one scart socket and no hdmi socket. I am trying to connect my Samsung V+ box and my Sony BDVE370.CEK Blu Ray DVD Home Cinema System to it as well.

I can connect the Samsung V+ box fine - works with Scart socket and plays sound through the rubbish Panasonic TV speakers. However, I cannot get the Blu Ray DVD Home cinema to connect to the TV and play the sound from the Virgin + box through the Sony home cinema surround speakers.

The TV also has RSA connectors (I believe that is what they are called) in Red/White/ Yellow/ Blue and Green, should I connect my Blu Ray to the TV using those connectors? I can connect the Blu Ray and Sony box together using HDMI cable but no sound plays.

Any advice would be really useful - the Virgin Media guy just told me to a buy a new TV!

Many thanks,



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May 10, 2010
Hi Vicki, the RSA are in fact RCA, red, blue, green are component leads, this will give 720p to the tv and then the tv will use it's native resolution. Red/White RCA are audio left(White) right(red) all these may plug into your tv?!! Have a good mooch around the back!! The Sony surround should work whether it's connected to a tv or not!! I'l browse tv specs in two ticks

Specifications for the Panasonic TH 37 PW 7 Plasma Screen size 37˝ (94cm) diagonal Panel resolution 852 x 480 pixels Displayable Colours 3,620 million colours Contrast Ratio 4,000: 1 Angle of visibility (Up and down left and right) 160 degree Inputs 2 Terminal Board Slots (SCART Board Supplied) Mini D-sub 15-pin x 1 (VGA display ) Audio power output (For optional speakers) 8w×2ch Power consumption 265w External size Width: 920mm Depth: 89mm Height: 550mm Weight Tv is from the cave days I think. From Sony a HDMI TO VGA lead I think may work. Maybe someone else can shed some light. Darrell


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