TV stand to fit Samsung HT-XQ100?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I've just ordered a new 46" samsung tv and have been looking at stands for it. Problem is I have the samsung ht-xq100r home cinema and its quite tall plus the dvd drive is on the top meaning in total you need about 40cm's space on the shelf to get it in. It also needs room for my ps3. Only answer I can think off is to sell the home cinema and buy a new one thats a normal shape and size. Although this is quite a fun idea I don't think my girlfriend would be impressed as I only got it last christmas. If anyone can suggest a good stand it would be a great help.


I actually use the ps3 to play dvd's now so should I change to home cinema that doesn't have a dvd player, would it be better sound quality as its only dedicated to one thing?

Sorry for dumb questions but I'm new to all this (if u can't tell lol)