Turntable: Technics 1500C or 1200GR or Pro-ject Debut Pro

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I had to read his full 'review'.
He said 'the feet are flexible to help with uneven tables' :)
Then he points out that it's got 2 speeds and that the slowest one 'makes any song seem like slow music'.

His review is worse than useless (often the way with Amazon reviews).
Brilliant. I agree that half the Amazon reviews seem to be written by idiots. Some are hilarious though, deliberately. Right now I can’t recall some of the classic ones, but they‘re side-splitting.

Edit - here we go…https://www.rd.com/list/funniest-amazon-reviews/#:~:text=The Funniest Amazon Reviews of All Time 1,... 10 Surprising results. ... More items...

And the one I couldn’t recall…
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Certainly if I was to change my Pro-ject I would look at Technics. Of all the years I've owned tables, they have always been belt driven. No particular reason -- I would like to see what a direct drive will give me.

Belt drives suit my needs, but I would never say never to a DD.

Just to throw another cart into the mix: ClearAudio. I've been banging on long enough about the brand and I would guess it would be a superb match with a Technics table.


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Jan 9, 2021
As good as a Debut Pro may be over a 1500c/100c, I just find the Technics look to be irresistible. Some local shops confirmed they are waiting for 100c't this fall, it is probably just arriving in shops. Hopefully in time for black friday!

As good as a Debut Pro may be over a 1500c/100c, I just find the Technics look to be irresistible. Some local shops confirmed they are waiting for 100c't this fall, it is probably just arriving in shops. Hopefully in time for black friday!

I agree there is a certain charm to the way the Technics looks but form and function may not be to everyone's taste. Too many superfluous bits on the Technics.... Unless you are a DJ of course..... :) Thankfully the 1500c and 100c seems to ditch these.
however, they do come with a sensible lid....
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Can I just confess I do pigeonhole some brands based on what they specialise in. for instance, brands such as Rega, Technics, Pro-ject I see as turntable specialists, even though they produce very good amps. (The first two I have first hand experience)

Likewise with Leema I see as amp specialists. If they did produce a table I wouldn't dismiss it out of hand. Same with Harbeth, if they started producing amps and CD players, it wouldn't sit quite right with me.

Sincerely hope this doesn't upset anyone, but I can only jusge hi-fi on how I see it.

That's pretty shortsighted of me... in some respects.

Going back on topic, yes Technics always come with a great reputation. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to buy one should the need arise.
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Apr 24, 2021
I have been piling up on LP's for a while, but never actually played any of them yet. All vinyls are still in their plastic wraps.

Meanwhile, I've been preparing for the gear acquisition and looking at the models mentioned in the subject :
  • 1500C seems the easiest to play with, with the pickup and phono included. however not sure about the sound quality versus the others listed, also seeing this video showing platter wobble gave me second thoughts . However I am still hopelessly attracted to the minimal design of the 1500C and that it needs less wires and objects to deal with.
  • 1210GR is the "cool" option, but gets more expensive with adding a separate pickup (possibly blue ortofon) and a separate phono
  • now, the Pro-ject Debut Pro really got me thinking after watching Darko's video comparing Pro-ject Debut Pro with the 1210GR, concluding the Debut sound quality and usability is better in many ways versus the 1210GR. Yes, I would still buy a separate phono for the Pro-ject, but it comes with a good pickup included and ultimately adds up to less dollars than the 1210GR setup.
  • also have been looking at the more expensive Pro-ject X2
Ultimately, my aim is for the best possible sound quality out of these, so the questions are :
  • Should I worry about the Pro-jects being belt driven ? Does the belt need any special maintenance ? Not sure why some people seem to avoid belt drives.
  • Should the Pro-ject Phono Box be sufficient for the Pro-ject Debut Pro or X2 ?
  • Is the wobble shown in the 1500C video a concern ? Is that normal ? Should I return a 1500C if it wobbles like that ?
Just to compare with the Technics; DUAL has finally built a real DUAL again. Check out the DUAL Primus Maximus.



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