Transferring DV to disc


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Aug 10, 2019
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I currently own a Denon DVD 1930 player and have a few DVD films which our children bought us. I also have a Sony DCR-TRV20E Digital Video Camera Recorder that uses mini DV cassettes which I want to transfer on to disc so that I can re-use them again.

I knew that I could have purchased a DVD recorder for this purpose but as Blue-ray was the new format I waited for a Blue-ray recorder which would allow me to copy from the Sony to disc. Am I correct in thinking that I still cannot get a Blue-ray recorder to do this for me with an edit option? I have sky so I do not need a recorder for recording TV programmes just to transfer the DV cassettes. If it was not for this I could have got away with just a Blue-ray player.

Thanks in advance. Mike


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I wouldn't bother with bluray, as your camcorder is not HDV (high def on DV tapes, 1440x1080) so I would save the expense and burn to DVD.

Do you have a PC or Mac with FireWire?