Toy Story 1 blu ray

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Oct 16, 2008
NSYGrinner:The_lhc: AAAAARGGHHH!! I knew I'd misquoted as soon as I clicked on post. What can I say "The mind goes loopy when it's hot in the office. Oh abot 92 degrees F." (Groan...I'll sit in the corner with my hands on my head for 10 mins.

Heh, no worries.

If The_lhc is the biggest fan, which I will no way dispute from previous threads.

I would, for one reason and it's a big one. I never saw them live. There I said it. I was gutted when they reformed, I'd given up on PWEINation as there wasn't anything more to discover and by chance wandered back there one day to find out they'd played the last of the Reformation gigs just two days previously! I was absolutely crushed, I'll never get another chance now.

I could well being the longest standing. having bought what I think is their first general release. A grebo EP which had a track Candydios, which was about The Jesus And Mary Chain right up to Two Fingers My Friend. I'll not count Live at wirds bar and grill as it is a cash in.

Yes it is, as was 16 Different Flavours of Hell (the album I mean). My first exposure to them was when a friend played me Box Frenzy at a New Year's party, long time ago, I subsequently went looking for it but could only remember the band name, rather than the album but I found an album in, of all places, Woolworths! Couldn't remember if it was the one I'd heard but bought it anyway. That was This is the Day and I never looked back.

They were part of a 'movement' of bands in the late 80-early 90s that whilst didn't sound the same, if you saw someone wearing one of the bands t-shirts you could assume they would like the others. The bands included: Neds Atomic Dustbin, The Wonderstuff, Jesus Jones, Carter USM, early The Shamen, Scorpio Rising and EMF amongst others.

Yeah, it was funny, I used to wear my Poppies t-shirts and people used to come up to me talking about The Wonderstuff and the like, I had nothing to say to them, I'd never heard anything by any of them! As far as I was concerned, they weren't PWEI, so they weren't worth listening to!

It could be said that Flaunt It by Sigue Sigue Sputnik was an template (not by me) with its pop culture references, cut up style and movie samples.

Almost certainly, I've always felt their cover of Love-Missile F1-11 was better than the original as well.

They were massive comic book fans, Particularly The Watchmen and other Alan Moore creations. There were also numerous samples from films such as The Warriors (Can U Dig It?), Batman, Blade Runner, Robocop, Christine . I still think Def Con One should have been the end credit track to The Watchmen movie.

Would have been nice to squeeze it in there, although it was slightly after the time period. Would have been awesome to have Clint score the film. I wonder what he would have done with it?

Gel: Just because 'pop' is in the title doesn't reflect the musical style. After all Rush have done some nice slow songs.

To be fair to gel (and this is the only time!) I think maxflinn said that.



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