To downsize or not to downsize


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Nov 24, 2010
Evening all,

I am in a bit of a dilemma as to what to do. Originally I owned -

Rotel RA06se
Rotel RB-1552
Marantz CD6006
Project Essential 3

The room these were placed in was my 'listening room', part of an open plan living space. I have now moved the 684s across to the 'cinema room' section of the living space. I have also sold my Power amp and am moving out to my own house soon.

I've no idea what to do in the new house as it isn't a detached plot and don't want to rattle my next door's windows. The room size is 14" by 12" and don't think there will be enough space to place speakers away from.the walls.

My question is should I have to resort to standmounters or can I still get floorstanders? I loved the bass response from.the 684s but had to push at higher volumes to get that response.

Also with my amp, am I now limited to what brand of speakers I can get? I want to stick to a budget of £500.

Many thanks for your advice in advance.

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It will probably all work in your new place but you'd need to try it out there first. What you will need to bear in mind will be your new neighbours, so be careful with that volume dial unless you want to upset them pronto. Bass is the worst for travelling through walls/floors.

Personally, I've found sealed box/infinite baffle speakers to perform best in tight room boundary situations.


Nov 4, 2008
I'd drop back to some standmount speakers, otherwise you are going to get a load of bass boom in a room that size with those speakers. You always have the option of adding a small sub and having a play when you know the neighbours are out :)


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Definitely not limited to brand, but some designs are more accommodating of proximity to walls, and not overdoing the bass. As above, the rarer sealed box designs taper off in the bass, whereas ported types can have a boost just at neighbour levels!
Various QA and a Neat models are designed for wall mounting, amongst others. Some Rega floorstanders are designed for close to walls. But definitely try out in the new place before deciding.


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Nov 24, 2010
I'd love to take these speakers but I'm leaving them for my dad as he's more into his cinema setup and a leaving present for him. Also these speakers are rather large and would protrude too far out, wife wouldn't be best pleased. Don't want to upset her with 'big speakers'.

So I am limited to size in some ways and sound. I don't want to add a subwoofer if I can get away with it. My listening style tends to favour low end, is there a particular type or brand that will give a little low end heft at lower volumes?

I was planning to demo some speakers this month but Tier 4 has put a stop to that for now.


Jan 5, 2021
First post and first chance to help out! Sooper!

I know that we all have different interpretations of "bass" but, if you're looking for standmount that perform admirably when there is bass in the song then may I recommend a pair of Dali Oberon 3?

If the more learned members know of a reason not to pair them with your other equipment, then so be it. I find them to be very neutral and very expressive.

For instance, I can listen to The White Album and wonder where all the bass has gone but it sounds great. Flip over to a CD from (okay don't hate me) Billie Eilish and BOOM! let the clear, precise thudding bass commence!

Anyway, greetings to one and all.. Nas88, i hope you find something good soon :¬)


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