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Dec 10, 2020
I’m actually trialling Tidal, Qobuz, Apple Music and Amazon Music right now. I also sub to Spotify.
All trials are free, search around if you fancy a trial right now.

Previously I commented that there wasn’t much difference between Spotify and Tidal, and for the price difference, I still don’t think it’s worth it. In brief summary, there is a noticeable improvement with all in terms of sound quality over Spotify. I prefer Apple Music and Amazon over the rest, the sound quality seem significantly more airy, textured, like less squashed and instruments sound more placed and interesting.
Like eating a cake that’s a little flat from a supermarket but still good, vs eating a cake from a restaurant that’s layered and has dimension and experience to the tasting process - it makes you say wow.
The details in Spotify are there, both as they’re squashed, they don’t stand out and breathe so much. The music is more flat. This was tested using a pair of Sony BT WX1000 mk2 headphones with lossless audio turned on in iPhone settings. Strangely Android sounded worse than apple with my 2 year old premium Samsung tablet vS my 3 year old iPhone.
When played through HiFi, the differences are apparent and more enjoyable. The speakers tend to vanish and those subtitle nuances come through, not as apparently as with headphones of course but are still noticeable.
I personally have my eye on Apple Music and Amazon Music, but the deciding factor it seems as for most is discoverability and UI interface which Spotify is leading on.

The more I trial the hi-def platforms, the more I realise Spotify is making me miss out on experience. Which is a shame for music and not what I want.
Get on a trial, they range from 1-3 months right now and will let you tell if your hardware set up makes a difference.


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Dec 22, 2021
Leave Tidal running long enough and you will have to decide if you are a Crip or a Blood.
Literally every music genre degrades into gangster rap.


Dec 24, 2021
MQA is lossy format. There's no need to settle for MQA in this day and age when you can stream lossless hidef audio like Qobuz and other competitors. And there's no way I'm paying a such a high premium for that. The fact that they play fast and loose with what is considered Master quality and are not transparent about audio specs is big reason to avoid.


Mar 4, 2022
Tidal's facing new competition in the hi-res music streaming arena, so is it still the best service for demanding listeners?

Tidal : Read more
In my mind Tidal Master sounds great, but Qobuz sound much better on high quality devices. Tidal Master is somewhere in the middle between CD-quality and true Hi-Res as Qobuz



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