The Hollies - underrated?

For me they have been over shadowed by the like of The Beatles, The Kinks, The Who....

Granted they sang mostly cover versions in their early years, yet they were very good songwriters. A lot of them were released as 'B' sides and they could have hits in their own right, such as these two examples.



Also, Their drummer Bobby Elliott was classed as one of the finest drummers in rock and pop. He also influenced drummers such as Deep Purple's Ian Paice, Gilson Lavis (Squeeze and Jools Holland Rhythm &Blues band) and Cozy Powell.

Bassist Eric Haydock was very unique, he was the first to play a Fender six string.

Add in their distinctive harmonies (Clarke, Nash and Hicks) and IMO they were very underrated.

Your thoughts.
Interesting facts.

Elton John played keyboards on 'He Ain't Heavy...' and 'I Can't Tell The Bottom From The Top'. Elton was paid £12 per song.

In 1973 Paul McCartney approached Bobby Elliott and asked if he wanted to join Wings. Elliott declined because of commitments with The Hollies.

After a meeting between a young Graham Gouldman (10cc fame) and Graham Nash in 1965, he gave them two of his songs: 'Look Through Any Window' and 'Bus Stop'.