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The audio upgrade path


Jan 29, 2013
I’ve just spent the evening with an old friend, taking about music, hifi, and listening to some good tunes.

we were reminiscing about our humble beginnings in all things hifi, and where we are right now.

What we both agreed on was that the journey in hifi is something you need to experience, from budget midi hifi, to separates and speakers!

between us, we’ve spent 10k plus, but the money is justified because of the experience of upgrading when you could afford it, and also when you thought you could improve on something.

Had I gone out and bought a load of expensive gear right from the off, I would have missed out on the learning curve.

Not sure what you all think, but I’m enjoying my audio journey, it’s also great to get together with friends and share those experiences. Have a few beers, listen to some favourite albums, and enjoy life.


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Mar 8, 2009
Enjoyed every minute, unlike some on here, I don’t spend time worrying about it. I love what a good system does for my music and movies. It’s always been a focus for friends and family (two daughters who love showing me new music on Spotify). Wifey loves it too. Latest developments have been occasional forays into multi channel music, streaming and the aforementioned Spotify.

The Oppo made a lot of difference. Acts as a bit of a hub for new file types. Like you, my hifi plays my favourite memories and some new experiences. Gettin. *drinks*



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