System upgrade amp compatability question.


Feb 18, 2021
Hi. New to the blog and hoping to pick your brains a little. I want to upgrade my somewhat entry level system that right now consists of a pair of Dali Zensor 3s, a Yamaha RS700 receiver, klipsch rs10sw sub, Onkyo 7030 cd player and a Technics sl1800 tt I bought in 1978. I like the Dali sound and have read reviews of the Rubicon 2s and I want to go in that direction. Epicon2s would be better but I think not worth the divorce. No Dali distributors near me to do a demo with a new amp and there lies my question for you guys. What amp to pair with the Rubicons? I've seen in other blogs people suggesting amps such as Arcam and Hegel. Being an old fart I'm not thrilled with the looks of a lot of the newer amps, too minimalist. I Iike the switches and buttons and knobs and gauges of the old amps. So without hearing anything in the beginning of this process I'm drawn to several amps such as the Luxman 505, Yamaha AS2200, Marantz model 30 though I'm not at all familiar with class D sound. Does anyone have any experience with any of these amps with Dalis, I know it's subjective but if anyone say paired a yamaha with a Dali and it was terrible that would be good to know. Suggestions from someone who owns the Dalis and has them paired with something close to the amps I mentioned would be a big help. Thank you and have a good day.

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Dali's have a nice rich none fatiguing sound, So I'd steer clear of amps that double up on that it will make them sound really slow and little too smooth. ie to much of a good thing like putting filling on both halves of the bread

Eg. dali pioneer, the pioneer gives them a little boost they need to make the highs just that little bit more sparkly.

I don't think anyone here would have listened to exact combo you have listed above. Especially the newer marantz

But if it were me, out of those three i'd start the audition with the Yamaha and go from there.
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