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Jan 4, 2008
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Picture the scene: A 'new' iPad has been purchased for the household (rather than for a particular individual) alongside the two existing iPhones (4) that both house members hold. Each housemember has their own iTunes account, their own contacts, calendars, apps, music etc. Hopefully you can see where this is going.... I have set up the iPad using my own apple ID. This has been fine, as it has pulled across the apps that we want the iPad to have. I'm not worried about music/photos being shared as these are held within our NAS drive with the relevant NAS Drive apps on the iPad for easy access. However, we are keen to synch both our iPhone calendars over the Cloud to be replicated on the iPads calendar. Is this possible? Currently the iPad holds my contacts, which I'm not too bothered about, but it would be good to have my wife's contacts on the iPad also (not sure if this is possible). I have enough iCloud storage (purchased an extra 10gb) and my iPhone is backed up to the Cloud. Even now though, this does not appear to have 'pushed' my calendar entries to the iPad - so the calendar on the iPad is empty. I have all my calendars 'ticked' in the 'calendar' section of the calendar (if that makes sense!) including iCloud. I've even looked to set up a calendar in Google and invite my wife to join, but that looks a bit more complicated that I am hoping! Is there any way to do this simply? We just want both our calendars that are on our respective iPhones to be viewable on the iPad! We would also ideally love any entries we add on the iPad to then be synced to the respective calendar on the iPhone.... Is this possible??? Cheers PJ


I can see you've figured this out already, but worth mentioning (in case anyone else comes across this thread and is trying to do the same thing as you) that an iCloud account is only really intended for an individual.

If I've read your post correctly, you want the calender app on the iPad to sync with the calendars on both yours and your wife's iPhone. You also seem to be having a problem with your own iPhone calendar entries not showing up on your iPad.

Let's try to solve that problem first. Let's make sure that your iPhone is pushing the calendar entries to the iCloud server. Visit from a PC or Mac and log in with your iCloud user name and password. Click the Calendar icon and check that your Calendar events are present.

If not, on the iPhone tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > iCloud. Check the iCloud account name is the one you wish to use. If it is, try turning Calendar syncing off, restart the iPhone (hold down the power button for a few seconds, then slide to power off, then press the power button again to turn it back on.) Re-visit the iCloud settings panel and turn Calendar sync back on. Scroll down and make sure the settings for syncing Calendar events and Reminders are to your preferences (i.e. mine is set to sync Events 1 Month Back).

Hopefully that'll do the trick. Note you might need to open the Calendar app on your iPad and leave it open for a few minutes to pull all the entries across from iCloud.

Now, you also asked if it's possible for your wife's account to show up on the iPad calandar. The answer is Yes it can. Have your wife log into from a PC or Mac and click the calendar icon. Make sure the calendar (work, home etc) list is visible (if not, click the list button at the top of the screen to the left of the Day/Week/Month buttons).

Next to each calendar is a share icon - click this, and have your wife enter your iCloud username. That's it - events she creates on her iPhone's calendar will now be pushed to your iCloud calendar and will show up on your iPad. She will of course need to make sure she has iCloud set up on her iPhone, and calendar sync enabled.

Hope this helps.