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Sync iPhone with a Mac issues


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May 16, 2008
I may be one of the few people here who connects his iPhone to his Mac. But since the update to iOS 14.5 (now 14.5.1) my iPhone wouldn't show up on my Mac. I couldn't make a backup of my iPhone nor sync music from my iTunes library.

Whenever I connected my iPhone to Mac I would get the message that new software needed to be installed on my Mac. After clicking OK the download would start but then gave an error message that due to a network problem it the software couldn't be installed.

After about a week I was totally fed up and contacted Apple through a chat. After a lot of questions and explaining the situation they would look into it. On Thursday I tried again an all of a sudden the software on my Mac would install and finally my iPhone showed in iTunes again.

Hope this helps anyone with questions about this.