Surround / HiFi Speaker Upgrade Bit by Bit and Recommendations?


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Sep 17, 2020
I've literally just updated my speakers on a mini system in the kitchen / living area to B&W 607's which has multiroom music to the lounge's AVR which I chose as it it had a leaning towards music / stereo as well as Surround Sound.

The kitchen upgrade his now left me wanting a bit more clarity / detail in the lounge, suddenly walking from one room to the other it felt "muddy" in the lounge (playing music) although when the music went off and watching a film later the surround / speaker quality was more than adequate.

Can you update surround speakers bit by bit ... i.e. main speakers 1st, then centre and then rears and lastly sub if I felt it needed it or will it create some imbalance?

Also any recommendations of what to go to would be appreciated ... tempted to look as something that has the 607's as rears .... not sure what else would pay well with that as fronts / centre.

Current System

Amp - Denon AVR 2311
Speakers - Acoustic Energy Evo Surround Package .... Evo 3's at the front Evo 1's rear ... not sure what the centre / sub were

Any input appreciated


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