Streaming movies using Mac Mini, Plex and amp


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Jan 4, 2011

I'm wondering how to stream ripped movies using a Mac Mini and Plex. Having looked on the Plex website (, I'm not sure how to get the sound through the AV amp. It only mentions stereo sound. Wil I be able to make use of a 5.1 system?

Many thanks


Hi there...

I don't currently have this set-up, but it is something that I'm currently toying with.

From what I have found so far, this will depend on which Mac mini you have... the current model (no optical drive) or the previous version...

If you have the current model, it is supposed to handle the audio via the HDMI cable.

For the previous version, as far as I'm aware you would need to use the the HDMI for the picture and then make use of the headphone jack for the audio which is also an optical out. However for this you will need either a mini toslink adapter or a cable that has the mini toslink connector at one end - just search for "mini toslink to toslink" that should bring up a couple of options. You can then plug it into the amp and let it handle the surround sound decoding.



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