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Thanks to Cno's voice wshipering ideas into my ear, this looks interesting indeed. JD have you heard it? Has anyone heard it? I'm guessing it is very similar to the dacmagic plus as it's got the same chipset, but with a lot more functionality, would be interesting to campare to the sneaky which is on my to do list at some point in time.

On a dfferenet subject, the headphone amp in the dacmagic plus is pretty good, much better than the Kandy K2 built in one. Not sure I like the infinite volume knob, and it feels a ittle flimsy but am splitting hairs now.

John Duncan

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Yes I have, but not a plus so can't offer a direct comparison. I'm also a bit loathe to talk about the sound of what is a pre-production sample, but I think it will be worth you hearing one when it's released; I'm going to presume however that your assumption about them being similar sonically is a fairly safe one, given their respective internals.

However, in terms of functionality and cost to change I can't see much benefit in the SM6 over, say, adding an NP30 to the DM+, particularly when the latter option continues to offer you a headphone out that you like, whereas the SM6 would not.


The sound of the Stream Magic 6 and the DacMagic Plus will indeed be similar. As John points out, we use the same DACs, audio upsampling and digital inputs in the Stream Magic 6 as we do in the DacMagic Plus, but with the addition of UPnP streaming functionality.

John is also bang on when he points out that adding an NP30 to the DacMagic Plus would give you similar results to a Stream Magic 6 but there are a couple of things to mention;

- The Stream Magic 6 has volume control - the NP30 doesnt. This allows you to control the volume of the Stream Magic 6 via the app (either in digital mode which varies the output of the SM6, or in control bus mode, where the SM6 sends IR commands out to control the volume of a Cambridge Audio amplifier).

- The Stream Magic 6 also has a few other improvements such as channel balance, an 'idle' mode and fast scrolling to name but a few, all of which improve the operation of the unit.

Also, its arguably a bit prettier than an NP30 and DacMagic Plus sitting side by side!

Hope this clarifies things.


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