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Stereo vs wife! Some help needed....

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Mar 3, 2010
Word to the wise: check your betrothed is compatible* with your hobby before you tie the knot, be it fishing, hifi, photography, football or even just collecting navel lint. It's kind of fundamental unless you want to abandon what you enjoy and instead end up frustrated, feeling that you forever do all the giving while she does all the taking.

*there are various levels of compatibility, from begrudged acceptance (my wife, and those of most other contributors here) to full-blown proactive encouragement and involvement. But the latter is incredibly rare and for most of us is the stuff of dreams.


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Jul 23, 2010
The other way to achieve something of a balance is to choose a partner with an equally prominent hobby. Mrs Loop is very keen on horses and has several to prove it. - There's little debate as to who spends more money on their hobby or which has the biggest impact, in the Loop household.....


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Feb 22, 2010
Poppydoodlesdad said:

Thanks everyone for your feedback, ideas and suggestions! I must admit I laughed out loud at some of them!

As I should have predicted, it all turned out to be something out of nothing. When faced with the various alternatives (all of which included cables) wifey agreed (as a temporary measure - ha, ha!) to having the speakers on stands (black) and discrete cabling. (She doesn't even know the stands have spike feet!! We'll keep that one quiet for now!).

Some I've got the Q Deck, Rotel and Mordaunt-Shorts all hooked up and working having been boxed and lofted for literally years.Amazingly, or perhaps not, they all seem to be working perfectly and sounding great. The only problem now is finding a time when I can bleedin' well listen to it.

I can sense the need for a decent pair of headphones....
Glad to hear that things have kind of worked out alright for you. Open discussion and a little willingness to compromise (on both sides) has so far worked out well for me. Glad that you don't have to trade in your wife over this.

I agree that this probably means you also need to invest in a good headphone system, just to be accommodating.


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Oct 23, 2016
I had a serious thought about your situations.

Your wife would probably like it if you got a Bose SoundTouch or Naim Muso. Wireless, compact, reasonable sound quality, reasonably good looking, a little expensive and more or less mono sound.

Its a compromise to say the least, but where the industry seems to be heading.

I guess if you are not going to get that much use out of it, a Muso Qube would make sense. If you... dear I say it... eBay your old equipment this £500 box of ticks might be a niffty solution. Pretty little wireless speaker and DAC with a few inputs.

If this is unacceptable, the A100 is a nice little integrated amp with AirPlay, Optical and RCA in. Even better if you can find the MA100 package it comes with Monitor Audio Mass satellite speakers.



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