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Starting again

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Dec 22, 2006
Gazzip said:
You're not a marriage counsellor are you? *biggrin*
Actually I am a health advisor today. As you may have seen, South Korean women live to an average age of 90, the highest in the world. The South Korean diet is to credit for this. So next time you are feeling hungry, look over the wall at next door's garden. If it's got 4 legs and goes 'woof', then you are all set for a long life.

Combined with my earlier advice, make that a long, single, life.


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Jun 18, 2014
Blacksabbath25 said:
And if you went into a hifi shop saying i have £2000 to spend on hifi they would make sure  you spend all of that £2000 too .

i have never told the shop my budget before its like when you buy a car do you tell the salesman i have £10.000 to spend on a car ... no as he will show you the £10.000 cars without evan looking at the cheaper cars
Well said
Totally agree


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Nov 19, 2009
kitkat said:
Some of you may remember several months ago I posted on here about my partner of 23 years refusing to have my hi-fi back in the living room after redecorating, I was quite happy to get smaller speakers but I will not give up my love of music which I had long before I met her, I have now given up on asking to put the hi-fi back and its for sale on ebay as I am planning on leaving her in May / June and decided once I have my own place I will treat myself to a complete new setup which is where I would like some advise please, my budget will be £2,000 and I need to get a DAB tuner, CD player and of course an amp and speakers, the DAB is quite easy as there are not that many but I like the Rotel or Yamaha one, but I am finding it hard to choose which amp / CD althought I like the look of some of the NAD's and Rotel's for the speakers I was thinking Monitor Audio Bronze 2 or Dynaudio M20, I have a wide range of music from Queen, Stereophonics to chart stuff although my favourite is female volcals like Rumer, Lana Del Ray, Lorde etc. Any adivise on what to try please.

Sounds like you need a holiday. Could be cheaper.





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