Starter System: Naim Unitiqute + Monitor Audio Apex A10 + Apex Subwoofer


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Sep 3, 2009
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With no Naim / Monitor Audio dealers near me (Dublin). I was just wondering if anybody has heard this combination and if it would be a good minimalist starter system? Thanks in advance.

Why I you looking at brands that can't be sourced local to you?

Frpm personal experience I have only negative view on Naim and MA. Some like the combo and some don't. I fall into the latter.

When looking for an all-in-one the Naim is a no-brainer. Likewise, I love MA speakers, but not the two together.

Naim is traditionally good with PMC, Neat, Epos and ATC. Which brands (speaker-wise) are local to you?

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I agree with PP. I think you may be going down the wrong route with Apex and Uniqute.

The Naim specialized in stereo music, and while not bad for music, the Apex is primarily a home cinema speaker system and can be bettered for this purpose.

I personally would be looking at a pair of bookshelf speakers instead. If you still fancy a subwoofer, then one can still be added.

If on the other hand you require small satellites, then maybe look at Naims own sub / sat speakers.



First keep in mind that the information below is only based on reading, not experience. Your personnal experience while testing speakers is the only truth.

If it can be of any help, here my short list. The bold and underline are brands that I will for sure hear before making final decision/buy. I have been reading a LOT, and this what seems to be popular choices.

I bought a Qute few weeks ago and I'm shopping for speaker too, but in a passive way :cry: I have the money, but need to move to a new job before buying. So meanwhile the only thing I allowing me to do is reading (I think I won't be able to resist if I go hear some... :) ).

More or less in order of what seems to be popular and in line with my needs:

Neat: Motive 2, Motive 2SE, Motive 3?, Petite

Harbeth: P3ESR

PMC: DB1i, New Twenty anniversary .21

ProAc: ProAc Studio 110, D2, Tablette Anniversary

Tottem: Arrows, Mite, Rainmaker, Model 1


Kudos: x2

Amphion?: Argon 1 or Argon3 or 3 L

Naim?: n-sat?


Sonus Faber: Concertino???

Good luck, take your time and most of everything, enjoy!!!
hubiedubie said:
Thanks. Local Speaker brands are - B&W, PMC, Spendor,System Audio. Ideally looking for something pretty small / unobtrusive.

Just a thought: Chebby used to have Naims own N-Sats when he had the Nait 5i (basically the same internals to the Uniti) to really good effect. I know you can't dem these but they will be a good match with the amp.


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Mar 9, 2010
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I use the Apex for music but as a 5.1 system with an MJ sub for multi channel music. As a 5.1 system stonking for multichannel music but as a stereo only pair they are very good with a sub but there is def better to be had for the money. They are phenomenal in 5.1 and surround music but they would not be my choice for stereo. Give the PMC's a demo.