Spotify HiFi is missing something – but will it matter?


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Apr 22, 2020
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Spotify might be late to the party when compared to the other streaming services, but none of the services that I have tried are even remotely close to the ease of use of Spotify. Recommendations work, automatic playlists/song based radio stations work fantastic, the app is great, Spotify Connect just works and is widely available... In my opinion the Spotify ecosystem is unbeatable right now.

Tidal might have MQA, but I always wonder what the source material is. Same goes for Qobuz high res streaming. It might have a shiny jacket and a cool label, but the quality of the source material might still be poop.

Additionally, in my experience the music that I really enjoy is rarely available in a quality above CD level. So I'm looking forward to Spotify HiFi and whether it will make a difference on my B&W 603 paired with Yamaha R-N803D. I assume that my Yamaha will automatically use the highest available bitrate.


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May 20, 2015
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For me, Spotify has the edge because of Spotify connect. That's why i chose Spotify over Apple music and Amazon. I'd rather listen at 320bps on Spotify than CD quality on Amazon, for instance, without that functionality.


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