Speakers upgrade or replace


Feb 8, 2021
I am looking to change my floor standing Castle Severn 2 speakers.

my system

Audiolab 6000A amp and 6000CDT plus a Rega P3.

my speakers were my my mans dads and I’d love to keep them for sentimental reasons but they aren’t very bassy.

I’m sure they were more impressive at my parents house but in my flat (tall ceiling, wooden floor) 4x4m living area they feel lost.

I’m tempted to go to WilmslowAudio to upgrade them with better drivers etc but could I get a decent set of used Floor standing speakers for around £500 that would out perform these?

Also would fitting higher spacers between the floor plinth and bottom of the speaker increase bass as they are ported at the bottom?
They were considered excellent in their day and the cabinetry was second to none. That being said if they don't fit then they don't fit.
a bit more than your budget but I would be looking at something like Dali Oberon 5.
Having said that they could be reinforced by buying a cheaper small subwoofer if it's just the bass you are lacking.
Upgrading the drivers might not give you more bass.
If you do sell them you might only get around £250


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