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Aug 10, 2019
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Im using Neat Motive 2 speakers with my Naim set up (Nait XS, CD5x, Flatcap2x, NAT05, NAC05).
My room is 4x6 meters and pretty well damped. I bought them 3,5 months ago. They sounded pretty good to my ears for a while. The sound is tight and lively. I use the flatcap for the cd5x and Nait XS. The Nait XS without flatcap has a slightly more rich and darker sound. At the end i prefer the sound with flatcap. But my main concern is the bass which doesn't have much color and sounds a bit rubbery/lumpy and has a one tone character. The mids and highs are pretty good but a bit more detail is welcome. So i need some new speakers. Speakers with a more natural and colorfull but still sound lively. I like standmounders, so no small monitors with no bass for me.

Do you have suggestions?


Dan Turner

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Jul 9, 2007
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Neat Momentum 3i - bass is their speciality and they wok great with Naim.

Make sure whatever you go for you get a home demo - what you're getting is not just the speaker but the speaker and room interaction, which changes with every room.


one other thing. Is it normal that at very low volume levels channel balance is a bit uneven? With my Nait XS the left channel has less output at low volumes than the right channel, especially with the tuner. But if you push the volume a bit higher channel balance is even????

An other funny thing is that bass has a different character when the cd5x is not connected to the flatcap. But overall sound has less momentum. Oh i also have a record player, a Clearaudio performance and Naim Stageline. Bass is fuller and more organic with vinyl. So im not sure anymore if the Neat Motives 2 are to blame????? The Motives have probably enough insight and transparency to let me hear the quality of the recording.

Okay PMC (not very popular in Holland!) , Spendor, Dynaudio, ProAc, Neat are the brands to go for. Will Monitor Audio and Dali be any good with Naim?


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Jul 25, 2011
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Mate, you should contact your Naim dealer or give Naim a call thenselves. Sounds like you have a problem with the amp. There's also a Naim forum which might be able to help.

I wouldn't consider new speakers until you've got that fixed.


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