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Speakers 'barp'


New member
Jul 26, 2013
Hello all,

I've searched the forum but haven't quite found a similar post, but apologies if this has been asked before, this is my initial posting.

My system was incarcerated in an attic for about a year owing to a property falling through and I don’t know if this has had an effect, I should have thought not.

Anyway, it is recently been put back in use and one of the speakers is throwing out a ‘barp’ sound now and again and naturally I’m a little concerned.

I’m running a Marantz PM 7000 with TDLs Studio 0.5 speakers, and they’ve always given faithful service – have them since 2001, the amp I changed in 2004 – I don’t change the system much, preferring to leave it well enough alone when working!

Would be grateful for any advice on what the issue might be, it doesn’t happen all the time but then I’ll get a blast of them now and again, it is beginning to irritate.

I’ve checked all the connections and all seems to be hooked up well, is it the cable I wonder (speaker cable?).



Full system: Marantz Pm7000 amp, TDL Studio 0.5 speakers, Cambridge Audio D300 SE CD player & Pure ARX 702ES tuner.