Speaker choice !


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Mar 2, 2016
I'm using a monitor bronze speaker package and added a pair of Dali Alteco C1 upfiring/ height speakers for a 5.1.2. I chose the Dali's because monitor audio had not launched atmos speakers at the time. I'm going to 5.1.4. I'm wondering if I can buy the monitor atmos speakers for the front height speakers and keep the Dali's at the rear.

The reason being that my system is in a small space and my seating is only about 10 inches from the rear wall. The downward firing option on the Dali's makes them perfect for the rear. No other atmos speaker has this option.


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Sep 2, 2020
intersteing as im thinking of getting silver series atmos to use as rear surround on the wall in 7.1.2 configuration(4 atmos wall mount for rear side and back) and just two ceiling atmos), why not try that? I have ceiling speakers but because my sofa is also against the wall im not sure 4 ceiling speakers would benefit for atmos as two are supposed to be behind you. not sure where your current rear suround are? you could always try both and see what happens...


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