Speaker cable and speaker stands. Really necessary?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I need some advice. I have B&W 685 Speaker package with Onkyo tx-no709.

Will good speaker cable really make a noticable difference. I am talking about when I am watching SKY TV. If so what speaker cable.

I am on a tight budget. Where can I get cheap speaker cable from. Is there any where I can buy second hand,

Also I already have speaker stands at the back. They seem to do the job frine. I want to get speaker stands for the front. Again same question do I need to spend a lot of money. On a budget also any suggestions where I can get them cheap.

Great Forum thanks for your help

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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You have a great set-up there :)

We have found the B&W 685s perform at their very best on heavy stands - such as Partington Dreadnoughts. But they needn't cost a fortune, and you could find a pair secondhand.

What speaker cable are you using now? Again, you don't have to spend a lot - and (assuming you can get the right lengths) there are bargains to be had on eBay etc as people upgrade and sell off their cables..


Hey Clare

I am using random cable I pciked ip while I was living out in Thailand. It is not bi wired and I am thinking of getting bi-wired but to get good cable it gets more expensive again. The guy sold two types of cable and recommended the more expensive on. What about the cambridge audio symphony they sell for 2.99 at richerounds? Is it any good. I am thinking of buying the Acatma Nexus 6? But will I notice the sound difference if I go off and spend the money.

Its Christmas coming up and I have to buy the mrs something too!!

On a seperate note you gave me brilliant advise purchasing the Pioneer Kuro around 4 years ago. You must be in that job a long time. .I still have the tv, it's in the apartment I rent out. Still works fine. I am jealous I wish I could take it back. Y

On a seperate note but something I am very curious about, how do you i.e What HiFi maintain its integriy and not be perusaded to certain products are excellent when companies probably try and seduce the magazone with great freebies.

I have been lucky enough to work in most parts of the world and this magazine is like a bible for home cinema.




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