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Sony vs Denon DVD

Ash Telecaster

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Mar 17, 2020
Hello all,

I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong forum.

I have the opportunity to buy a used Devon dbt-1713ud for $40 more than a used Sony ubp-x800. I will be using it to play FLAC files off a thumb drive exclusively. It will be plugged directly into a headphone amp. Originally the Denon was $700 and the Sony $250. There are some stellar reviews of the Sony out there but not much said on the Denon.

Its not a question of money. The Denon being originally more expensive doesn't necessarily make it better. The Sony was rated very highly on What HiFi.

I'm stuck trying to make a decision and was interested in your opinions.

Thank you!

Edit: Interesting note. Watched a YouTube review on the Denon. He stated it was a transport only. It does have 2 analog audio outputs. The manual also says for stereo output. Another review stated the output wasn't intended for high quality output but didn't have any information to back that up. I question that conclusion.

Wow, the Sony doesn't have analog outs! Boy am I out of the loop. When did stereo components start losing thief analog outs?!
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