Sony HT-A7000


Dec 3, 2021
I have this, got it on an RS offer that put it at 900 if bought with an XR Bravia. Then they gave me a ton gift voucher as well.

I’ve no idea why they were pushing it so hard because there were hardly any in the country and I had to wait a month for it to even arrive.

It’s pretty impressive though. At the time all I could find were sponsored reviews so I wasn’t really sure how much faith I could put in them, but when I fired it up doubts were assuaged.

For a single bar it can fire sounds to the side and above surprisingly well. The bass is nicely meaty even with only the built in subs.
The only drawback to the thing for me is that EQ takes the form of Min, Mid, Max bass settings and then a series of presets for Cinema, Music, Voice etc. along with and “Immersive AI” button on the remote. All this rather than my sort of sliders or more detailed EQ.

That said, it is pretty nicely balanced. I would hope for firmware updates to add more detail and control here later though.

It’s also worth noting that the installation guide calls for a space of 80mm between the bar and the tv to allow the up-firing speakers to work. This is pretty impractical visually and I’ve just tilted the bottom of the set in to the wall. I’m not sure how it’s possible if using a set on its legs rather than wall mounted.

I,ve paired mine with an XR65A80J OLED, and to be honest the effect is amazingly cinematic. The tv is a stunner and the bar just adds the boom. The sound from the a80 was already good because it uses “acoustic surface” which is amazing in and of itself, but because the pairing is all on brand the bar uses that AS as an extra centre speaker.

The functions for the bar just appear in the quick menus for the tv so you can control it all from one place.

I’ll add the rear speakers at some point when they go on sale, but at the moment I couldn’t really be happier with it.

Normally with something this expensive I tend to get a bit of buyers remorse, but with both the tv and soundbar I have absolutely no regrets.

I would buy it again for sure.
It’s a big outlay but very worth it.



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