Sony DAV-IS10 upscaling query and accessories


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Aug 10, 2019
At long last I am about to take the plunge with my first Home Cinema kit.

I already have a Panasonic DMREZ27 DVD recorder and a V+ HD box and I'm about to buy the Panasonic TX-32LXD700 LCD TV.

I'm looking to go for surround sound as well. I was originally attracted to the KEF eggs from a look and space point of view, but the Sony DAV-IS10 seems really attractive as well - and, although I don't need a DVD player (I can use the Panasonic for that) the price is very competitive meaning I can allocate enough of my budget to getting a decent AV stand and cables.

A couple of questions I have if anyone can help:

1. The Panasonic DMREZ27 does upscaling but I'm not sure whether the Sony does this to the same level/quality or whether I'd be better playing the Panasonic through the Sony - if that's even possible!

2. The Sony speakers are tiny - which is great because I don't have a lot of room - but I haven't seen any suitable stands for them. I can't really attach them to my wall, so I'd need stands. Anyone recommend good quality stands that won't make the tiny speakers look really stupid perched on top!?




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Nov 9, 2004
1. I have the DAV-IS10 and the upscaling is pretty good, to my eyes at least.
2. Sony make specific floor stands for the DAV-IS10 speakers. I had a tough time tracking them down, in the end I bought them from (only place I could find them in the UK) and they were delivered in 24 hours! From memory I think they're £70ish a pair, and they look good and are pretty simple to fit.