Sonos Roam 2 vs Roam 1: what's new for Sonos' portable speaker?


May 31, 2024
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I've invested heavily in Sonos speakers over the years and my favourite buy was my Sonos 1 Roam.... until Sonos trashed their App. I take my Roam on holiday with me everywhere, all over the world so I can use BBC Sounds to listen to my local radio station. It used to be a doddle, get my tablet on to what ever WiFi code was used in the apartment and then click on the Sonos app and after a couple of clicks I would have music. I'm in the Azores today and this scenario is dead, I basically had to start from scratch with current Sonos app. It assumed that this was a new system and now I have to find all my favourite stations, music and library again, I don't know what I'll have to do when I get back home, the whole process just becomes a bore. How is this progress?
I would like a pair of headphones instead of the Google earbuds that I sometimes use but I can't see me buying Sonos headphones, I just don't trust them anymore.


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