Something is not right and I’m hoping a forum member will help me


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Apr 18, 2024
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Hi everyone.

My system is doing my head in and I need wisdom please from a member more knowledgable that I.

Sooooo a few years ago I listened to a video, totally by chance of a gentleman comparing a rega p1 to a rega p1 with an mp110 cart. I literally couldn’t believe the difference (add to that I was watching via you tube on an iPad). I really could hear the difference and a spark lit.

So to get started I went on a second hand hunt for equipment and ended up with the following:

New rega p2 with new mp110 cart
New schiit mani
Pm5005 amp
Mission 752 speakers
And some speaker wires that cost circa £150

I put this together just to dip my toe in the waters…..

I have read and read and read to understand hifi having no prior knowledge but there’s an issue with the system where one speaker sounds clean and airy and detailed whilst the other sounds narrow and lost with little detail.

So I tried all sorts, bi wiring, swapping speaker cables, omitting the pre amp etc etc.

I can swap the good sound for the bad sound by simply swapping L and R on the speaker wires and Land R on the amp so I figured speakers are ok. Pre amp or no pre amp doesn’t change a thing so preamp is not the problem. I figured either turntable or amp.

I’d like to fix the issue if someone could help point me in t(e right direction as the difference in the sound from L and R is doing my head I. lol.

So much so that I’ve put together an idea for a new system and ****** the current one:

Rega p6 with exact or mp110 (whatever it comes with and compare)
Rega fono mm
Wharfdale Linton

I like a sound that does not fatigue me. A sound I can lose myself in though I can’t articulate as well as some do on the forums. Sorry.

If you’ve read the above and got to this…… Thank you. I appreciate your time.


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Nov 10, 2023
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"I can swap the good sound for the bad sound by simply swapping L and R on the speaker wires and Land R on the amp so I figured speakers are ok"

This statement confuses me.

The 752's have 4 binding posts (to allow for bi amping or bi wiring).
If you are using standard wiring make sure that both speakers have the binding post connectors in place (or make your own with jump wires). You may be sending the amps out to just the woofer on one side.

Do you have an issue with the CD player?
752's are pretty old and I assume you got them used, one of them may have just have a bad tweeter.
Perhaps try them with another source/amp.


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....I’ve put together an idea for a new system and ****** the current one
:) and if something doesn't sound right with the new system, what then? get another one?

A logical process of elimination will always find where any problem is - and that's all you (patiently) need to do.

*IF (big if - and only if) by swapping, you have found both speakers to sound perfectly OK, then:

1) Confirm whether the issue is present on TT only, CDP only, or both.
2) If the problem is only there when using the TT:
3) Confirm whether cartridge direct to Marantz amp phono input has the issue, whether cartridge via Mani to Marantz line in has the issue.....or both have the issue.

See how the elimination process works?

Let's assume that the cartridge, via Mani to a line input on the Marantz has one dodgy channel.
Now you swap left & right RCA plugs on that Marantz line input:
If the dodginess swaps speakers, your problem is something prior to the Marantz amp - and the Marantz amp is OK.

* The above is based on your verdict that both your speakers are OK.
However, like @My2Cents I suspect that there could be a problem with either the shorting link or tweeter in one of your speakers - as either would lead to the 'narrow' little detail' that you describe :unsure:

(If you've got some headphones, try them in the Marantz).


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Nov 16, 2021
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strip everything away to the bare essentials, amp and speakers, if you have a blu ray player hook that up with some red and whites or even a phone with a headphone socket with a 3.5mm to RCA cable and see if the problem persists. If it doesn't start adding things back in until you hear the problem again.
That will be you problem then you either look to get that piece fixed or replaced.

Really is as simple as that.


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Apr 18, 2024
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Really appreciate the responses and the time taken to write them.

Regarding the speakers, both are capable of playing “the good sound” so I have eliminated them as being the problem.

I can relate to the process of elimination having messed with and fixing computers for more years than I care to remember.

I’m going to have a proper sit down with my equipment for an afternoon and follow the advice given. Start again from step one.

Thanks again.

Just to let you know I keep sneezing. Not sure I’m if I’m coming down with a bad case of upgradititus after spending days looking and reading about what’s out there. 🤦‍♂️ just wow.

Can of worms…. Fully open.

I will of course get back to everyone and keep you updated.
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Apr 18, 2024
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So I’ll hold my hands up, (total noob), I didn’t know that you could swap tt rca cables over to the “Wrong” colour.

So I’ve just tried. To possibly eliminate the tt all things being equal, before I spend hours…. and hey presto it changed the sides the “good” and “bad” sounds were coming from.

Clearly the tt then. And quite obviously my install of the mp110.

I never tried the p2 with the pre installed carbon. If I had and everything was right with the world I would have known it was the new cart or my install but I didnt, so…..

I’m guessing I need to reinstall correctly now to see if it’s the tt or me.
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