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Dec 6, 2020
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I’m needing a very small pair of speakers to connect an audio technica Lp turntable to- it does have usb out.
Size is all important- sound secondary- would be good to have Bluetooth as well
Any thoughts- thx


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The USB output of your turntable will connect to PC for vinyl ripping.
But I think you'll find that it's not useable by the USB input on powered speakers.

No problem though as the line output from the TT will feed plenty of speakers.

Say just how small you need them and how much money you have to spend, then you will get some suggestions.
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Size wise would prefer no bigger than Amazon echo spot ideally.
Right....well that is small.
I think something bigger (but still 'desktop' sized) might do more justice to your turntable.
If it really has to be small, then maybe a Bluetooth speaker with an analogue line input.

Probably discontinued now, (no doubt it is, as this video is 10 years old) but something similar to the Kitsound Hive that I was given.
I didn't hold out much hope for the sound, but it was surprisingly good.
Having said that, I'd still go for a pair of something bigger (more audibly proper) if I were you.

Or, better still, if £350 isn't too much:
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Nov 10, 2023
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What model is it? Does it have Bluetooth out?
If you plan on plugging it directly into the RCA inputs on a pair of powered speakers, make sure that the turntable has a LINE/PHONO switch (otherwise you will need a phono pre amp).
Find out how deep Santa's pockets are... Edifier makes good small powered speakers and they are available at Amazon. Most of them have Bluetooth in.
I have a pair of R1700BT's which I used with a TV (in a 25' x 14' room with a 12' high vaulted ceiling) and they sound great (for £130).


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