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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi there.

Right like everyone ill start with the "im a complete novice and dont really know anything about please be nice!?!" Right now thats out the way! on i go!

I live in a smallish cottage with my fiance and 16 month old son. My room is probably about 14 ft by 13 ft tops and i sit roughly 2.5 - 3 metres from my TV.

basically im wanting to setup a nice little setup for my various devices. Im an avid film watcher and game player. never really heard of AV recievers etc though. Im looking at the onkyo 605 as ive heard thats a good reciever and will let me have my 360 and ps3 via HDMI to my tv (elite 360). The problem is is my tv has to be in a corner of the room due to the layout etc so it kinda leaves me confused on how to ayout my Speakers etc and what speakers to get. I think im gonna go with the q Acoustics 1010's and the 1000 centre speaker and get a sub aswell. Maybe a wharfedale as i read it would go well on here.

All in all i dont have a clue about speaker wires or anything. I feel quite embarressed. Do i just buy a really long wire and cut to my desire and by the 4mm banana plugs?? thats what im guessing. I guess each speaker takes a posative and negative?

Also if you imagine my tv in a corner of the room facing diaganally towards me would it spoil the sound having the front left and right speakers near the tv? as if i seperate them the left speaker would be about 3 metres from the tv and the right would be about a foot,Due to placement of telly.

Should speakers be on the floor or on brackets on the wall?

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks



The AV receiver is what will give you the 5.1 surround sound. 5.1 is the amount of speakers - 2 fronts, 2 rears, 1 centre (for speech) & the .1 is for the sub.

I'd advise you to place your speakers next to the tv - that is the left one on the left of the tv & the right on the right. The sub can go anywhere so behind the tv will work fine. Then you need to find where the rears suit you best.....

Definitely recommend buying WHS&V - What HiFi Sound & Vision magazine, as each month it suggests a few setups & placement of speakers in different shaped rooms.


Thanks very much for the help. AS my rooms quite small would i just buy a shed load of wiring? and cut to size? and then put the banana clips on or do you order to size and they come with banana clips already on?

All help is greatly appreciated!


Personally speaking I would buy the cable and cut it yourself. Decent cable can be had for around £2.45 a metre (QED original) - I've just bought 30m's of it myself!! Banana plugs make plugging wires into the back of the amp/speakers more convenient, although the cables can be connected to both the amp and speakers without the plugs, which is my preference.

Speakers are best placed close to ear level when seated either on stands or on wall brackets.

Good luck with your set up..



Ill get the QED original and probably do it the ol fashioned way and see how i get on. Then i can order some banana clips if i need em.

Once again thanks for all the help!


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