Sky Q box causing wifi problems

Aug 11, 2022
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I have a Sky Q box with one mini box all connected via a Sky wifi router

Every so often my internet will go down and the only solution is to put either the main Sky Q box or the mini box into, or out, of standby mode

It took me absolutely ages to get this worked out via trial and error and the wifi problem is rectified the second I touch the button on the sky remote so it can't really be another issue. There doesn't seem to any trigger for this (ie doesn't happen as the sky box goes into standby mode and it's happened 3 times this morning with the sky boxes starting off in standby mode overnight)

It's been happening for a while but it's now happening up to a dozen times a day and it's driving me crazy - sky have basically called me a liar and said it can't be that issue but I can't think of anything else

Is this a regular problem and if do is there any known resolution?



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I cannot help you other than to say I had a similar/same problem which Sky could not solve. My only solution was to change provider (in my case Zen) keeping Sky Q (had no Mini box) but returning Sky modem. All now fine in that respect although I'm not sure I would recommend Zen.


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My only solution was to change provider
I was going to suggest a (no bluff) threat to leave them, but if they couldn't rectify the problem for you.....
(You can be sure they would if they could - rather than lose paying customers).

It's always interesting when you talk off the record to installers, that's when you hear some truths.