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Jul 24, 2007
Well after a few months reading reviews and listening various demos I have bought myself a shiny new home cinema system, a B&W MT-30 speaker package with an Onkyo TXSR875 amp and Pioneer PDP 4280 flatscreen. Im really pleased with everything but would like some help setting up my PV1 sub. Do I select 4Ohm or 6 Ohm in the setup for the speakers and what do I set the controls to on the sub itself? So far Ive just run the auto setup with the mic supplied but cant help feeling im missing out by not making manual adjustments. Im afraid Im new to all this so not sure what to touch! Also Im currently feeding the component video output from my old dvd player through my amp and upscaling through the hdmi to my tv, is it worth doing the same with my sky HD feed which I have going straight to the tv at the moment? Thanks

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
You can set the PV1 to 12 o'clock on the gain control, EQ to position 1 and phase to +.

Select 8ohm in the speaker set-up for the satellites.

The auto set-up on the receiver works very well indeed, but you can twaek it to your tastes later if required. I usally find most receivers set the rear channel levels too high.

Yes, you can run your Sky HD through the amp for conveneince, so the picture changes with the sound when you switch inputs - the purist approach would suggest Sky HD HDMI straight to the TV, but the Onkyo will just pass the signal straight through, and doesn't seem to have any adverse effects.

Oh and finally I'd run the Onkyo's automatic set-up again in about a month, when the speakers will hopefully have been caned a bit and fully run-in.