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Second hand system advice

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At the moment keeping my eye on auctions of Pioneer A400, Pioneer A300R, Audiolab 8000a, 8000C/P and Sansui.

Audiolab seems to split opinions a lot, some people love them and many seems to think they are an awful listen...

Sansui seem well regarded but harder to find.

How would a Quad pre/power fit in? Is the audiolab C/P worth it over the 8000a? Rega Brio3 could be picked up for similar price, credible alternative?

Grateful for any further opinions!


I finally managed to secure an amp! a sansui au-217 - thanks record spot, paid what you suggested.

I also got a pioneer a300r precision (tom evans mod) of classifieds so think i will try both for a while and then sell the one i like the least.

Only thing i need now is cables... speaker cables (i have interconnect that came with the rp1) plus cables to go between the airport express and the amp.

Any suggestions to what to get?



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