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Scam phone calls from fake BT since moving over to them for internet


Jan 22, 2020
SInce I became a BT customer for my internet I have had so many scam calls, saying my internet is being disconnected, I have viruses, I haven't paid my bill etc. I never got any at all when I was on Virgin media. They happen at specific times too, like when my bill is due, I get a call saying its not been paid etc, so then I have to check my bank or search the number who called on https://scam-numbers.co.uk/ where I see lots of people saying the same thing. Is it something to do with BT? Are they leaking my number to these scammers or something? I am seriously considering moving back to virgin media at this rate


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Sep 24, 2008
Most telephone providers have a package (Usually free) that can intercept most calls providing you activate it.
In addition register with the telephone preference service, as this can reduce the number of calls as well.
Regarding viruses , make sure you have set up your router correctly and that your anti-virus software is kept up to date. (If you are using Windows 10 inbuilt defender software, make sure you leave Windows Updates turned on, otherwise it will not be automatically updated (If you don't want to turn Windows Updates back on, use a 3rd party anti-virus)



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Nov 27, 2015
I'm ex-directory and have been registered with the TPS for years.
Still get a minimum of 3 Chancers trying their luck per week.
(We've all heard the stories - just heard a woman talking about the fact that she transferred £70,000 to a scammer - bank not paying her back because she ticked the 'this could be a scam are you sure' box).
Whenever there's a number I don't recognise, I just monitor the cheerful young (built-in) girl answering my Panasonic home phone. Live callers always hang straight up.
If I'm feeling playful I pick up and act like a DJ, announce the track I'm playing, before holding the phone up to my speakers.
(Last time I did that, it was a distant Cousin calling!)
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