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Samsung ordering millions of OLED panels from LG, report claims


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Sep 24, 2008
Take a picture of the real world in HDR and then display them on a QLED & an OLED, then move your head to view the real world and then the TV and you will find that that both types of TV suck big time. (The OLED is too dull and dim and the QLED has poor detail at low levels even though it is brilliant at high levels)

Combining the 2 will hopefully give a picture that looks like the real world, which is sorely lacking in current tech. (They also need to get rid of the shiny glass and go with a matt finish, as the real world is matt not shiny, hence the reason that a projector (Even with its limitations) looks way more natural than any current TV)

On the flip side whether its sound or vision most users seem to prefer something impressive rather than realistic, so it may turn out to be a damp squib.