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SACD Player


New member
Aug 10, 2019
I'm not sure if this is the right category to pose my question in, but here goes......

For a long while now I've been mooching around the possibility of retiring my old Pioneer 575a dvd player, which I use solely for SACD and cd's, in favour of a new one, and to that end was looking at the possibility of using an HDMI connected player to do the job for me. I notice that Pioneer have recently launched the DV610 model, and was wondering if anyone had one, and what they thought of the sound of it etc. Also, as it upscales DVD (hence my confusion as to which category I should put my question in), I was wondering if anyone could tell me how it compares to a Toshiba EP10? It doesn't have to do as good a job, since I regard the DVD aspect as just a bonus, but I was interested in knowing a little more about its' capabilities. Additionally, would the Pioneer paly Hi-resolution 192khz CD's via HDMI? I've got a couple, and would like to hear them, basically. Thanks very much.


New member
Oct 7, 2008
Not heard the DV610 in action, but I have the Pioneer DV LX50 which is a fabulous universal player. Great sound from SACD, DVD-A and excellent up-scaler for DVDs. It got 5* review from WHF (which you can read on-line) when priced with RRP of £500. I got mine brand new and multi-region capable for £110 from a well-known auction site. If you are happy to buy from an auction site, have the patience to wait until you find an auction from a seller you think may be trustworthy and then "win" the auction at a sensible price, then I can happily recommend this player.



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