Revel F36 versus Elac 247.4


Dec 10, 2020
I need to buy a new hifi system to equip our 2nd home, where I would mainly listen to my CD collection that I just finished ripping, plus some streaming. I listen mostly to jazz (maybe 70%), plus some rock/pop/world.
I'm almost decided to buy the Naim Uniti Atom as the main component, but concerning the speakers, I'm still undecided .... So far, the ones I liked the most in my budget range (around 2000$) are the Revel Concerta F36, and the Elac Carina 247.4.
The problem is that meaningful comparisons are hard to do, as I could only listen to them in different shops with different amps etc...
Also, a friend expressed some doubts that the Naim Uniti Atom (output 40W/8ohms) would be able to drive effectively those tower speakers...

Any comments or suggestions ?
Which speakers would you suggest among those two (or any others) for my listening habits, and would they be ok with the Naim ?

Thank you !!

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I don't have experience with you particular speakers but I do have experience within the Revel brand specifically the m106 with a Naim uniti 2 and the with a nap 200dr and NAC202 with power supplies. the Nap Nac combo was slightly more refined but the uniti had no trouble and in all honesty, wasn't really needed for the Revels.

I suspect the f36s being towers will actually be more efficient then my m106s (just looked they are @91db) the Naim will have no problem driving those and my experience with revels tells me they will be pretty happy. Revel is a brand id always go with, very lively and exciting listen

Looking at the spec for the Elac these actually seem like quite a power-hungry speaker and for a floorstander as well. Can't really comment on these though
but my gut would be, go for the Revels.
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