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Aug 10, 2019
I,ve lost the remote control for my Humax HD box and want to get a replacment which will also work my Tosh TV.AS yet i can't find one that'll operate my Humax.Does anyone know of one?
My budget is £50..


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Aug 22, 2008
No contest...

I would recommend a Logitech Harmony 555. I have one and it controls EVERYTHING! TV, DVD, CD, Amp, Sky

You install suppied software on a PC, tell it what equipment you have, plug the remote into a USB port - hey presto it works. The software updates over the web, so as manufacturers release new models, the software

I've checked mine and it will control numerous Humax models - I can make sure if you give me a model number.

Currently for sale at Amazon at £52.CLICK HERE:

I'd also buy 4 AAA rechargable batteries for it too. You can also get a Harmony 525 for a few quid less, but it doesn't have a dedicated button for 'mute' and its backlight is blue.

I've checked (from your sig) it definatly will control your TV, Bluray and your AV amp - so thats another 2 remotes you can put in the loft.


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