Replacing MA RS5s

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roym90 said:
I'll certainly make sure I demo this time! I noticed a Creek CD player and MS speakers in the window of my local dealer the other day, so I'll see if he has the Avianos first. Shame it wasn't there when I first put a system together. The nearest Richer sounds is about an hour away.
One thing you must understand is system matching isn't an exact science. If it were then my set-up would be the worst. Dogs would be howling and rabbits would rush to their warrens...

Forget about written reviews and only rely on your own findings. Which has the best overall sound, but, most importantly, which will thrill as well as relax you. That said you won't find the perfect speaker for your amp - and never will. Sorry, not trying to be negative just realistic.

And no there's nothing wrong with your amp: I've heard 10k systems and yet to find the perfect set-up.


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Apr 5, 2011
I understand what you mean. It's too easy to get lost with all the options and opinions of different kit; looking at the Tannoys earlier I found completely opposing comments about the brightness! So for now the plan will be to get some demos!

And I'm quite happy with the amp, is definetly an improvement over the Cambridge. But still hopefully my last purchase without a demo!


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Nov 23, 2007
Honestly, try some B&Ws - 685 or 684. Loads of clarity but not a hint of over brightness. Avoid the smallest model, the 686, because it isn't a patch on the rest of the range (I've owned a pair and the 685s are leagues ahead of them). Current range Epos (Epic or Elan) would also be well worth a try, but avoid the earlier Mi series models which can get spitty in the treble.

The iQ range is discontinued. It was replaced by the Q series. The Qs are excellent and worth auditioning. I've had a pair of Q300s and liked what they did but felt they needed quite a big space to work at their best. In my room the 685s work much better.

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The 685s are a good call, likewise CM1s. My concern for the OP is that he'll start to suffer from sonic fatigue. I've suffered this before and it isn't funny, and overdosing just adds confusion... this is counterproductive IMO.



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