Rel TZero Sub Enough?


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Sep 17, 2020
My Sub's just blown so I'm looking for a replacement. It'll be both for surround sound but possibly in tandem with a seperate amp for stereo although I possibly don't need more bass than my main's provide so whilst I'd try it, may not get used for that at all.

Generally I find some of the "loud" action parts in movies too much, it's nice to have the LFE effect but they take it to overkill so much of the time and you end up reaching for the volume control to turn it down. Overall I'm not "that" bothered about the best surround sound / effects, it's a nice to have but I'm not an avid movie fan, the stereo quality is far more important.

My room's about 15 x 26 feet but the main listening area is about 15 x 15 nearest to the speakers / where the sub will be and don't need it to fill the rest of the room.

If I wanted it to add anything to music / stereo it'd be just to add more clout to the smack of the kick drum and possibly tight punch to the bass.

Do you think the TZero will be enough, it's size is very wife friendly and would probably get me some brownie points.

If not, any recommendations would be appreciated, I'm quite keen on REL but mainly because I know the T series has the dual AVR / Stereo inputs.
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Nov 16, 2021
I did have a brief look at those, I couldn't quite work out if they had the dual AVR and Stereo inputs with seperate controls for volume, don't know if you have any idea on that?

They use the same amps used by REL many moons ago ( they made them OEM for REL) so they have a low level (LFE) and hi level that's connected to the binding post. Both with separate volume controls for each.

XXLS400 manual is available for download and explains better than i can


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