R.I.P. Gianluca Vialli (1964-2023)


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Apr 6, 2014
Very sad new indead. Gianluca Vialli was part of the Chelsea team when I intended my first ever live football match which was QPR vs Chelsea back in 1996. It was at Loftus road where QPR play, I went there with a friend who was a huge QPR fan. I still remember Gianluca Vialli being one of the best players (if not the best player) on the pitch that day.
Lovely true story.

A friend of our family had a son who was a Chelsea junior player. The little'uns used the same pitch as the first team squad to train. On this occasion the youngsters had to wait for the seniors to finish their session.

Eventually the little'uns started to train and 15 mins in three of Chelsea's Italian players, Vialli, Zola and Di Matteo, came out of the dressing room, wearing track suits, spent half an hour teaching the kids different techniques and skills. The rest of the seniors went home or to a bar somewhere.
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Jan 13, 2023
I never rooted for his teams
I'm from Bologna FC, but I remember it
when he was head of the European delegation
(thanks to Mancini who wanted it)
he always had a smile for everyone though
he wasn't well
RIP Gianluca:disrelieved:


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