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Jul 2, 2014
Thanks in advance for reading. The good news is my system is 2.0, so hopefully that will streamline things.

Recently we have had to consolidate space and I am now trying to combine AV and Audio only into one media/music setup.

My primary music setup in one room is my PC server to Arcam IrDAC to Arcam FMJ A19 integrated audio amplifier to 2 KEF LS50s (2.0 only)

I have a Marantz NR1609 Integrated Amp that I use for AVR, which has RCA pre-outs to bypass the amp stage.

My plan is to run all AV sources (Smart TV, Blu ray, Cable etc) into the Marantz AVR via HDMI, set it on pure direct, and then send audio out via Pre-outs to the Arcam FMJ A19 stereo amp and then to the speakers for all audio (AV source and my original music purposes).

Obviously, I will be bypassing the Amp stage of the Marantz, but my concern is getting another Preamp stage that I don't need from the A19, as the A19 does not have fixed audio for the AV input like some systems do, its straight line level.
My general concern is adding more noise to the audio signal when playing content originating from the AVR.

Ultimate Question: Does my proposed approach hold water, or in terms of sound quality, would it be better for me to split video and audio and, for each source (Smart TV, Blu ray, Cable etc), run video signals direclty to the Marantz AVR with HDMI cables, and run sound separately to the Arcam using stereo connectors? (If so, I guess I will also have to change TV from toslink to RCA with an adapter as it doesn't have RCA out?)


Is there a device that I could run the cable wire out of both amps into a switch and then to the speakers.

Something like below but with LR + and - out instead of line out?

Thanks in advance!!

Thanks in advance!
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If it's a stereo 2.0 system then a fixed audio input doesn't matter, as all the sound is controlled by the FMJ A19. A fixed input is preferable for a 5.1 system where the Marantz is doing 3.1 and the Arcam is doing 2.0.

It's a great system by the way.


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